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All You Need To Know About Floor Cord Covers

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Ever wondered what our homes would be like if there were no floor cord covers? Imagine walking around with wires of appliances and electronic systems installed in your home lying around on the floor just waiting to be stepped on.


Floor cord covers not only protect us from getting electrocuted but also prevent the cords from being damaged by getting stepped on by us. However, homes aren’t the only places floor cord covers are used in. They’re used at any place, building or road that has any connections installed, electric or otherwise.


They're also known as cord protectors by many and come in numerous colors, designs, and materials. You can get them as per the budget and the interior of your homes. There are different cord covers for different types of cables and environments. For instance, a cord cover to be used in a home would only need to be strong enough to bear being stepped on but the ones used on the roads will need to be strong enough to handle the weight of traffic including heavy-duty vehicles.


Types Of Floor Cord Covers

Given below is a list of different types of floor cord protectors available in the market.


Heavy Duty Cord Covers

Just as their name suggests, these cord protectors are used in industrial settings and other such environments bound to have a regular flow of heavy traffic of vehicles and machinery alike. They are not just used to protect wires but also hoses, pipes, cables, or whatever might need their protection.

This type of cord cover is generally used in public areas, roads, construction sites, and such other areas to protect both the cables and people walking over them from getting damaged or hurt. They are designed to resist heavier weights and pressure. Examples include heavy-duty cord ramps and cable protectors.


Medium Duty Cord Covers

Medium duty covers are mostly used in public places with both vehicular and foot traffic. They are incredibly strong but not as strong as heavy-duty cord covers. These cords are meant to protect both the wires and the pedestrians walking over them. They're usually used in places like parks, shopping centers, schools, and other such places, etc.


Light Duty Cord Covers

Light duty cord covers are used in places where vehicular traffic is at its minimum while pedestrian traffic is too low to require any extraordinary protection. The pressure or weight-bearing capacity of these cable protectors is the lowest when compared to the medium and heavy-duty covers. Light duty cord covers are suitable for homes and offices etc. One unique fact about these cord cover is that unlike medium and heavy-duty cord covers, they are designed to be pleasing to the eye in addition to their basis cable protecting functions. 


Plastic Cord Covers

Plastic cord covers are quite similar to the light-duty cord protector in terms of the suitability for indoor use as well as the unique and pleasing appearance they offer. In addition to this, they're also quite affordable. Plastic wire covers are meant for protecting wires on the walls and ceilings while plastic floor cord protectors are used to cover multiple sets of wires on the floor.


Fabric Cord Covers

Fabric cord covers come in a huge variety of material and colors and is wrapped around both wires and hoses etc. They can not only be color coordinated with your home décor, they are quite attractive to look at as well.


Tape And Carpet Cord Protectors

These cord covers are not only flexible but also provide a cushioning effect to the wire. They're preferred over plastic cord covers when the cords are lying around in places with carpeted flooring.




The choice of a floor cord cover depends on the intensity of foot and vehicular traffic it would be required to withstand, plus the nature of the flooring, i.e., carpeted or non-carpeted. Any color, design, or material specifications required can also be managed with various price ranges.

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