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All You Need To Know About Floor Cord Covers

Floor cord covers help keep wires and cables organized, safe, and functional. You can use cord covers at home, office, warehouse, retail space, production studio, and more.


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No one wants to have long and dangling cords, wires, or cables lying all over their space. This can include cables for internet connection, monitors telephone, among others. They don't only create an eyesore in your home, but they are also annoying to deal with daily, and they are also dangerous if left unattended.


Whether running across the floor or hanging from the wall, the tangled cords disrupt the desired soft and comfy texture in your home, making your house look like a machine-laden warehouse. With cables lying all over the floor, they can easily trip your loved ones or even unsuspecting guests, wear out the protective wire insulation or detach the cord connections.


To avoid all these problems, you need to keep your cables well managed and organized. Cord covers for floor are ideal for making things better in the office or at home. On floor cable covers makes it more comfortable to walk over and around the cables, and the floor cord covers helps keep everything well organized.


Also, even if you want to route cables on the floor, cord covers for floor enable you to have proper cable management. However, you may be unsure about the on floor cable covers to purchase due to the many floor cord covers available in the market. We'll go over some of the on floor cable covers that you can buy in this piece.

Ever wondered what our homes would be like if there were no floor cord covers? Imagine walking around with wires of appliances and electronic systems installed in your home lying around on the floor just waiting to be stepped on.


Floor cord covers not only protect us from getting electrocuted but also prevent the cords from being damaged by getting stepped on by us. However, homes aren’t the only places floor cord covers are used in. They’re used at any place, building or road that has any connections installed, electric or otherwise.


They're also known as cord protectors by many and come in numerous colors, designs, and materials. You can get them as per the budget and the interior of your homes. There are different cord covers for different types of cables and environments. For instance, a cord cover to be used in a home would only need to be strong enough to bear being stepped on but the ones used on the roads will need to be strong enough to handle the weight of traffic including heavy-duty vehicles.



Types Of Floor Cord Covers

Given below is a list of different types of floor cord protectors available in the market.


Choosing one among the multiple cord covers for floor options can be an arduous task. As a result, we've outlined several floor cords covers below that you can purchase for your home or office space. This makes things easier for you to choose suitable cord covers for floor depending on your needs.


Here are the on-floor cable covers you can purchase.


Heavy Duty Cord Covers


Just as their name suggests, these cord protectors are used in industrial settings and other such environments bound to have a regular flow of heavy traffic of vehicles and machinery alike. They are not just used to protect wires but also hoses, pipes, cables, or whatever might need their protection.


This type of cord cover is generally used in public areas, roads, construction sites, and such other areas to protect both the cables and people walking over them from getting damaged or hurt. They are designed to resist heavier weights and pressure. Examples include heavy-duty cord ramps and cable protectors.


Heavy-duty floor cord covers are a good choice if you want cord covers for floor that can safeguard your cables and wires from more externally traumatic environments. This can include places such as warehouses or factories where there is lots of traffic involving humans and machinery. Heavy-duty floor cord covers are also used in active outdoor locations such as intersections or busy streets to protect the cables and the people crossing over them. Due to the intense pedestrian and vehicular traffic, you'll need to cover the cables using heavy-duty on floor cable covers so that they withstand the constant pressure from the heavyweight applied on them to avoid damages.


Heavy-duty on floor cable covers suits this environment because they can sustain high maximum load capacity. As a result, these cord covers for floor can withstand the stress placed on the cable ramps constantly. Heavy-duty floor cord covers are mostly from high-density rubber or polyurethane, making them long-lasting and highly durable. These on floor cable covers have a high rating that can withstand up to 10,000 lbs or more of weight per axle. As a result, these cord covers for floor can also stop trucks and other heavy vehicles from damaging the wires under their weight. Apart from protecting cables, you can also use them to safeguard wires, pipes, and hoses.


Medium Duty Cord Covers


Medium duty covers are mostly used in public places with both vehicular and foot traffic. They are incredibly strong but not as strong as heavy-duty cord covers. These cords are meant to protect both the wires and the pedestrians walking over them. They're usually used in places like parks, shopping centers, schools, and other such places, etc.


You can purchase medium-duty cord covers for floor to help protect cables or wires from heavy floor traffic. Although these on floor cable covers are less durable than the heavy-duty floor covers, medium-duty floor cord covers are still an excellent choice for areas with lots of pedestrians. This can include parks, libraries, grocery stores, shopping malls, schools, and more.


Medium-duty floor wire covers and medium-duty on floor cable covers are essential in protecting your appliances without disrupting pedestrians. These on floor cable covers serve as a protective layer to safeguard wires while also preventing people from tripping. The reliable surface treads on the medium-duty floor cord covers help to prevent pedestrians from slipping. The ramped design offers a smooth transition from the ground to the cable protector, reducing falls or trips. Rubber duct cord covers for floor are also under the medium capacity on floor cable covers, so you can still choose them.


Light Duty Cord Covers


Light duty cord covers are used in places where vehicular traffic is at its minimum while pedestrian traffic is too low to require any extraordinary protection. The pressure or weight-bearing capacity of these cable protectors is the lowest when compared to the medium and heavy-duty covers. Light duty cord covers are suitable for homes and offices etc. One unique fact about these cord cover is that unlike medium and heavy-duty cord covers, they are designed to be pleasing to the eye in addition to their basis cable protecting functions. 


You can use light duty on floor cable covers for places with lighter traffic and less external trauma. This can include places like your home, school, gym, or around the office where there is little wear and tear. While medium-duty floor covers can withstand infrequent vehicular, you should never use light-duty cord covers for floors in the outdoors. These cord covers for floor have a thinner density and are usually designed with appearance in mind to suit those inner spaces and not aggressive environments. They are also easy to assemble and use.


Also, light-duty cord covers for floor offer you a unique combination of functionality and style to eliminate possible tripping hazards from exposed cables while also blending in with the decor within your room. These on floor cable covers have light-duty cord protectors usually optimized for all floor materials. They also have an adhesive backing to hide the cables or cords running up the wall or prevent movement.



Plastic Cord Covers


Plastic cord covers are quite similar to the light-duty cord protector in terms of the suitability for indoor use as well as the unique and pleasing appearance they offer. In addition to this, they're also quite affordable. Plastic wire covers are meant for protecting wires on the walls and ceilings while plastic floor cord protectors are used to cover multiple sets of wires on the floor.


Another excellent option for your cables in the office or around your home is plastic on floor cable covers. These plastic floor cord covers offer protection to a large number of wires, which ensures that everything stays intact and your space looks tidy. Still, you can use plastic on floor cable covers on wires running on the walls for more convenience and better organizations for cables that may be hanging in your house.


Just like light-duty cord covers for floor, plastic floor cord covers have an attractive appearance. Therefore, they can blend in with most aesthetics in internal spaces within your home or the office. Again, these cord covers for floor consist of light density material, so they are only suitable for indoor areas. Plastic floor cord covers are also cost-effective, enabling you to pick various options that can suit each space within your property.


Fabric Cord Covers


Fabric cord covers come in a huge variety of material and colors and is wrapped around both wires and hoses etc. They can not only be color coordinated with your home decor, they are quite attractive to look at as well.


If you are looking for flexible on floor cable covers to cover your cords or hoses, fabric cord covers for floor are an excellent solution. Although these flexible and soft floor cord covers don't have as much rigid support as rubber or hard plastic, they can work on uneven or curved surfaces such as at the corner of a wall or even stairs. Still, you can cut these cord covers for floor to suit your specific needs. You can use these on floor cable covers in offices, trade shows, some areas within warehouses, entertainment industry stages, and more.


Even better, you can choose from various options to ensure that these fabric cord covers for floor are suitable for your space. You can pick from decorative silk to rugged leather fabric cord covers for floor. Still, you can go for other varieties like the wrap-around, slip-over, and other cover varieties that will seamlessly blend into your decor.


Tape And Carpet Cord Protectors


These cord covers are not only flexible but also provide a cushioning effect to the wire. They're preferred over plastic cord covers when the cords are lying around in places with carpeted flooring.


Carpet and tape floor cord covers offer you a flexible and unique option to protect wires and cables that are located inconveniently within your property. Due to their flexibility, you can use these cord cover for floor on curved or sloped surfaces. The tape and carpet on floor cable covers are essential when dealing with wires or cables on fabric surfaces. However, these floor cord covers aren't suitable for hard-surfaced covers like plastic floor cord covers. For this reason, carpet floor cable covers or carpet floor cord covers for floor are a popular option among homeowners.


Carpet and tape cord protectors are also a choice among many people due to their flexibility since they constitute a less rigid material, unlike other varieties. You can use these on floor cable covers to secure data and electrical cables to a floor with looped carpet because you can easily fasten the cords without using adhesives that can damage the carpet. Still, you can cut these cord protectors into any preferred length without unraveling.




The choice of a floor cord cover depends on the intensity of foot and vehicular traffic it would be required to withstand, plus the nature of the flooring, i.e., carpeted or non-carpeted. Any color, design, or material specifications required can also be managed with various price ranges.


If you have running cables, wires, or cords across your home or workplace where there is significant foot or vehicle traffic, on floor cable covers are a vital investment. You can get these cord covers for floor at floorcordcovers.com for whichever application you want from office, warehouse, home use, to construction sites. Whether you want floor cord covers for your indoors, outdoors, conference room, worksite, entertainment stage, or conference room, buy your preferred floor cord covers today.

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